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An Atlantan in Brooklyn.

    It’s his world, we just sit in it.

    It’s his world, we just sit in it.

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    Birdcloud: Always appropriately inappropriate. 

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    Pickles, pickles, pickles.

    Pickles, pickles, pickles.

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    This week, I remember just how good TLC is. If you’ve never listened to “Ooooooooh…On the TLC Tip,” I highly recommend you do. 

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    Happy Labor Day!


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    Today one of my oldest friends, whose husband recently left her and came out as gay, sent me a message because she had began dating my ex and he fucked her over.

    About a month ago, she messaged me asking if there was any reason she shouldn’t date him. Other than the fact that this proposition violates any kind of girl code, I gave her an exhaustive list of the abuse, manipulation, cheating, and emotional torture he put me through over the span of three years. She thanked me and said she appreciated the heads up.

    Fast forward to this morning when she messaged, “Remind me to never not listen to you again.”

    I can’t prevent people from making mistakes, but damn, it is frustrating when people know what they’re doing is dumb and are then surprised when it screws them over. I don’t care how many “deep chats” you’ve had or how much he worked his way “into your shriveled heart.”

    Don’t message me expecting any sort of sympathy. I don’t have any for you.

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    To quote Rebecca Black,  we we we so excited!! Thank you @nypl for making this week a little more tolerable. #ireadeverywhere

    To quote Rebecca Black, we we we so excited!! Thank you @nypl for making this week a little more tolerable. #ireadeverywhere

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    Blue Ivy’s anonymity is very important to her parents, unless Beyonce is getting an award on basic cable, in which case all bets are off. Blue charmed her way through the Video Music Awards, dancing and helping present Beyonce with her statue.

    It’s all very cute, but that dress looks off the rack. If Beyonce is wearing a custom sparkly leotard, the least she could do is buy Blue Ivy a show-stopping red carpet number.

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    I thought my love for Killer Mike was at its highest level, then this happened. He is amazing. 

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